When it comes to making new laws,
Do you believe democracy should be absolutely simple and citizens should have a say?
We do too...

todayivote.com wants to provide the easiest civic engagement platform so you know about the next laws, like them or not, and get your elected representative to hear more about you.

Why todayIvote?

It is sometimes hard to keep up with democracy's fast pace or to stay in sync with the public opinion...

representatives making laws in Australia
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bills introduced per year in Australia 

That is why todayivote.com brings you the easiest civic engagement platform to help you participate more often, and to get your elected representative to hear more about you on the next laws coming.

Democracy made simple

receive notification
One notification

and you already know about the next law that could impact you life.

like or dislike
One like

and you let you representative know if you support that bill.

match your rep
One click

and you know how strongly you match with your representative

For citizens to have a say


Get informed

on law in the making

Every week, every day, laws are in the making, shaping the way we live. Citizens only get to participate at election time with very little means to understand on a daily basis how democracy is progressing for them.

informed citizens

Have a say

by voting on each bill

Between elections, it has to come to public demonstration or online petitions to push back on certain laws, where there could be better ways to express opinions.

have a say

Take action

by working with reps

on todayIvote.com, citizens get informed and can vote on a regular basis on proposed bills, and representatives can better align their voting position with their electorate.


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of inhabitants across 27 countries says they are not satisfied with the way democracy is working in their country.
As a citizen, understand every law

that could have an impact and change the way you live by reviewing all the proposed bills in one place, through a simple summary or a full access to the text of the bill.

For every new bill that you might not be aware of, you can know why your representative is supporting or not this new bill.

Once your mind is set, you can simply vote on every bill to let your representative know about your opinion and not let democracy only be a reality at election time.
When election time comes, you can make a more informed choice by comparing your positions with the candidates and understand how much you match.

As an elected representative or a public figure, your opinion matters

to citizens  as much as public opinion matters to you. With todayivote.com you get to know at your fingertip what your electorate would vote on bills if they were in your shoes and get to understand if a bill is popular or not.

You can also easily compare your past votes on bills with your electorate position and understand better citizen opinion when preparing the next election.

When you are supporting a bill, or simply want to have a say, you can record and share a short video about your motivation to support a bill or not, even for past bills so your electorate can know you better outside of election time.

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only on average voters turnout recorded in the OECD for the most recent elections.

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